Trump and Trick Games

Type of Game: Trump & Trick Game
The games in this section are very different from those games categorized as "blocking" and "scoring" games. Tiles are not matched on the table to form a layout. Instead, they are ranked by suit; trumps are named; tricks are taken; and in all but one game in this section, players bid on their hand.

The most popular of all the what I call "trump and trick" games is the game of Forty-Two. Numerous bidding variations for the game of Forty-Two have been created-to name a few: Big Bertha; Cajun Hokey Pokey; Eagle Eye; East Lansing Deferred-Style Nillo; Follow Me; Inverted Low Boy; Low; Low Boy; Multiple Trumps Forty-Two; Naperville Onesics; Near-Seven; No Catchem; No Trump; Splash; and West Texas Rules. On this site there is a brief description of three bidding variations: Sevens, Plunge, and Nel-0 (sometimes spelled NiHo).

Unless otherwise indicated: one set of double-6 dominoes (28 pieces) is used.

The dominoes are shuffled, facedown, at the beginning of each hand.

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