Number of Players: 1
Type of Dominoes Used: Any Domino
Type of Game: One Player Game

Domino set: Double-12, double-9, or double-6.

Object of the game: To use up all the tiles by playing them in quads. A quad is four consecutive numbers running in ascending or descending order, and played in a straight line. Blanks count only as 0 in 0 1-2-3.
When playing with a double-6 set, draw 4 tiles; a double-9 set, draw 5; and, a double-12 set, draw 6. Return to this same number of tiles after each turn.

Play: Draw the correct number of tiles from the deck, then, place them, faceup, in front of you. Use 2, 3, or 4 of the tiles drawn to make four numbers in a row: a quad. For example, playing with a set of double-6 dominoes, you draw 3-6, 1-2, 2-4, and 5-5. Begin play with a quad of all four tiles or with a quad of three tiles.
Once you have made a quad, leave it in your tableau and continue the process by again drawing the correct number of tiles from the deck.
Continue to draw more tiles from the deck one at a time, attaching enough new tiles to a number played already to make a new quad. But, if at any turn you can't make a quad, you lose. After awhile, your dominoes will start forming a real "traffic snarl!"
To make a new quad, you will usually add 2 or 3 dominoes. Sometimes you can do it with just one. This must be a domino with consecutive numbers that you can attach in sequence. For instance, you can play 7-6 after 9-8 -or before 5-4-if either is available.
As long as you make a quad at each turn, other number sequences you make don't matter at all.

Just be sure to observe these don'ts:
*Don't move any dominoes already played.
*Don't make a straight line of five or more numbers in a row. Four is the limit!


©1994 by David Galt

© 2016 The American Domino Company
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