The Sultan

Number of Players: 1
Type of Dominoes Used: Double 6
Type of Game: One Player Game

Object of the game: To discard all the tiles in the row, two at a time, in pairs whose ends, sides touching, match horizontally.

Play: Keeping the tiles in a facedown position, place all the tiles in the deck in a horizontal row in front of you with sides touching. Then turn the tiles over to a faceup position and do not remove them from their, original order in the row. Choose which way you will turn tiles over, from facedown to faceup, and use that method consistently throughout the game.
From your row of 28, discard any two tiles that have adjoining ends that match horizontally. Do not discard adjoining tiles with ends that match only vertically.
After discarding a pair of tiles from your row, move the tiles in your row closer together to take up the space in the row and so that all sides of each tile in the row are touching.
This is a game of luck and skill. When you make a careful study of your exposed tiles, you will learn that some moves are much better than others.


Reprinted with permission of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., NY, NY from GREAT BOOK OF DOMINO GAMES by Jennifer Kelley, ©1999 by Jennifer Kelley. (The Sterling book is available as PUREMCO'S GREAT BOOK OF DOMINO GAMES)

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