The Jubilee

Number of Players: 1
Type of Dominoes Used: Double 6
Type of Game: One Player Game

Object of the game: To transfer all the tiles from the several stacks to a particular formation of tiles.

Play: Keeping the tiles in a facedown position, draw 7 from the deck and place them in a horizontal row in front of you with sides touching.
Draw 6 more tiles and, still keeping all the tiles facedown, place one tile on top of each of the other tiles, leaving the far left-hand tile uncovered. Now draw 5 tiles, and add these to the top of each of the other tiles, leaving the two far left-hand tiles uncovered. Now draw 4 tiles, then 3, and so on, continuing to place your tiles, facedown, on top of your horizontal row from right to left.
When done, you should have 7 stacks of tiles, facedown, sides touching, containing the following number of tiles in each stack, from left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Turn the tile on top of each stack, 7 in all, faceup.
Only tiles from the top of each stack may be moved. They may be moved from one stack to another stack or from a stack to the formation shown at above right. It is permissible for a stack to contain more than 7 tiles during the course of the game; however, there should never-be more than 7 stacks at a time.
Any time you have a facedown tile at the top of a stack (this will happen after you have moved a faceup tile in order to make a play), you should turn this tile faceup.
When every tile in a stack is played, leaving an "empty" spot, a new stack may be started in that place-but only with a double, and that double must come from the top of another stack.
It is against the rules to look at any of the tiles that are not already turned faceup at the top of each stack, however.

Reprinted with permission of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., NY, NY from GREAT BOOK OF DOMINO GAMES by Jennifer Kelley, ©1999 by Jennifer Kelley. (The Sterling book is available as PUREMCO'S GREAT BOOK OF DOMINO GAMES)

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