Super Train

Number of Players: 2 or more
Type of Dominoes Used: Double 12
Type of Game: Blocking Game

Type of dominoes: Double-12 Number Dominoes™ with 21 Wild Dominoes

Number of players: 2 to 8 players or more, using the Puremco SuperTrain™ game set which consists of 91 Double-12 Number Dominoes™ with 21 wild dominoes for a total of 112 dominoes. Adaptations can be easily made if there are more than 8 players.

Additional equipment: A score sheet and one train marker per player. The Puremco Dual-Sound Electronic Centerpiece comes with the SuperTrain™ Set and is used to hold the center “engine” domino and the personal train lines that radiate from it.

Principle of the game: SuperTrain™ is basically played by Puremco’s Mexican Train© rules except with the addition of 21 “wild” and “special action” dominoes. Of these 21, there are 14 wild dominoes that are used to play when unable to follow suit, and there are 4 special action dominoes that can be played to make an opponent be Skipped, or caused to Draw an extra domino, or to Reverse the direction of the game, or for the holder to play Twice. Three of these dominoes allow players to play anywhere on anyone’s train whether or not they have a marker on it.


Object of the game: The same as Mexican Train: To rid your hand of as many dominoes as possible and to be the first to do this. The other players then must total the numbers on their remaining dominoes and the amounts for each wild symbol (Red Trains and Letters), which count 10 points each plus the number amount on the other end, and then keep a running total for their score. The lowest score wins. To start, pull out the 12-12 (double-12) from the deck. This domino is called the “engine” and will be the starter domino for this game. Place the engine in the center of the table or in the centerpiece. This start-up procedure will be followed in successive games with the 11-11 (double-11) being the next engine, then the 10-10, 9-9 and down to the 0-0 and finally the Train-Train (double Train) on which any domino in your hand can be used to start your personal train. After the engine domino for each game is placed in the centerpiece, shuffle the remaining dominoes face down, and then each player draws his hand.


Number of tiles drawn: 2 players - 25 tiles each; 3 players - 23; 4 players - 18; 5 players - 16; 6 players - 14; 7 players - 12; 8 players - 11. Additional players can play by adjusting this numerical arrangement to fit. The remaining tiles are set-aside in “bone piles” to be drawn as needed in the game. The players then organize the tiles in their hands in a playable progression beginning with the same denomination number as the engine. The ends of the tiles in your hand must match and form a line to be ready to play onto the engine as your “personal train” after the game starts (example: 12-5, 5-7, 7-8, 8-11 and so on). To assist in forming your hands and line-ups, the “wild” dominoes can fill in the gaps and extend your line-ups for a more playable hand. When you are no longer able to line up your tiles in a matching series, the leftover tiles are considered your “extras” and will be used on the “Mexican Train” or on other players’ “personal trains” during the game. If you do not draw a domino with a playable end that matches the engine tile, you can begin the line-up in your hand with any domino that will make up the longest line of end-matching tiles and the fewest “extras” possible. Thus, you will be ready when an opportunity arises for all or some part of that line-up to become playable somewhere as the game progresses.


Follow the rules of Puremco’s Mexican Train© from this point except with the


following additional variations: Wild dominoes with a Red Train symbol can be played at anytime when it is a player’s turn and they can be used in any manner possible in your hand to assist in making the longest line-up of continuous playable dominoes. There are 14 basic Wild Dominoes and they are signified with a Red Train symbol on one end. They are the 0-Train, 1-Train, 2-Train, 3-Train... up to the 12-Train and then the Double Train or Train-Train. The Double Train can only be played perpendicular as a double just like any other double and cannot be played onto another double by playing it vertically at a right angle. There are 7 Special Action Wild Dominoes signified with a Red Train on one end and a Letter symbol on the other end. Both ends are wild and either end can be played onto a train line. Their meanings are:


A-Train (Anywhere) - Play on anyone’s train whether it is marked or not, or play on your own train or the Mexican Trian. There are 3 of these dominoes.


D-Train (Draw) - Play on any eligible train. This requires the next player in rotation to draw a domino before he plays. He can then play as normal.


R-Train (Reverse) - Play on any eligible train. This reverses the rotation of the game from clockwise to counter-clockwise for the remainder of the game.


S-Train (Skip) - Play on any eligible train. This causes the next player in the rotation to be skipped and he misses his turn until the next time.


T-Train (Twice) - Play on any eligible train. This allows the holder to play twice, meaning one additional time after he plays the “T” domino. However, under unusual circumstances and if you hold certain playable dominoes, it is possible to use this “T” domino to play up to 5 dominoes at once. Example: Play a double, then as the follow-up, play another double elsewhere, and then play the “T” domino onto one of those doubles and then play a double as your second play onto the “T” and then a final domino onto either of the exposed doubles. Only one double can be left exposed after such a play. You may choose not to leave any double exposed by simply using this same process and playing just 4 dominoes consecutively onto the same train. You make that choice depending on strategy and how you want to control the next plays for your opponents. Under usual circumstances, after the “T” domino is played, only one additional play can be made. Another special circumstance: If you play a double and cannot play a second domino, and you draw a “T”, you may play it on the double or play it anywhere, and then play the follow-up domino anywhere eligible and not necessarily onto the double. Or you may play onto the double, depending on how you want to leave the next play for your opponents.


Special Rules for Wild Red Train Dominoes. The Red Train ends of the dominoes can be played onto any number, symbol or double. You may also play the number end of the wild domino onto another playable domino if it correctly follows suit, and leave the Red Train exposed and use this to your advantage. Example: If playing the Train-3 onto another 3 you may play the 3 onto the 3 and leave the Train as the exposed end, which is wild and can be subsequently played onto by any domino. Or, you can play the Train onto the 3 and leave the 3 on the other end exposed and this requires that only a 3 or another wild domino can be played onto it. This option is especially useful when you are playing on another players’ train whereby you’d not want to leave the wild end exposed and make it easy for them to play on their next turn. If it were played on your own train you’d leave the wild end exposed to ease your next play.


Rules for Special Action Wild Dominoes. These are the 7 dominoes with Red Trains on one end and the letters, A,D,R,S and T on the other end. Both ends are wild when playing onto a train. However, only another wild domino can ever be played onto a Letter end when it is the exposed end of a train. So, if you play the Red Train symbol onto someone’s train and leave the Letter end exposed, only another wild domino (Red Train or Letter) may be played onto it. If you play it in the opposite direction, the wild Red Train is left exposed and any domino can be played onto it. There is a strategic advantage as to how you play these Special Action tiles. If they are played on an opponent’s train, you make it difficult by leaving the Letter exposed and thus they are required to only play another wild domino (Red Train or Letter) onto it. If you play on your own train you should leave the Red Train exposed so that you may easily play anything onto it.


Scoring: Total the numbers on the face of each domino in your hand. The wild Red Trains count 10 each, the special action Letters count 10 each (A,D,R,S,T), and are in addition to the numbers on the other end of the domino.


General Rule: As always, if you have a playable domino whether it be wild or not, when it is your turn, you must play and cannot withhold and pass and draw for strategic reasons to play it later. For all other playing instructions, follow those of Puremco’s Mexican Train©.


©2005 Puremco, Inc.

© 2016 The American Domino Company
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