Super Dominoes

Number of Players: 2 or more
Type of Dominoes Used: Double 15


Object of the game: To get rid of all your dominoes.

Number of players: 2 or more.

To start: The player chosen to go first draws 9 dominoes, as does each other player in turn. Begin with the first player, who may start play with any double. If the first player has no double, the chance to begin then goes to the next player in turn. (In case no player has a double, return to the first player. Then, in turn, players draw one piece from the boneyard until one draws a double to start things off.) Playing off the start domino. You can play off the original domino, the starter double, in six directions, or branches. Play by matching ends in standard fashion. Legal plays: There are two legal plays: starting a new branch off the starter double, or matching the end of an existing branch. When you cannot play: Whenever you cannot play, draw two tiles and then play if able. If unable, your turn passes to the next player. Special plays: Doubles can play on their matching number, or on a 13! Whenever your play leaves a 15, every other player must pick a tile immediately. Whenever you leave a 14, you may play again (on any arm), if able. Whenever you leave a 13, you cast a “spell.” The next player must break the spell by playing immediately on that piece, with another 13, or with a double. If unable, that player draws two tiles, and plays either that may break the spell. Until the spell is broken, play continues in this way, each player in turn drawing two tiles if unable to break the spell. If draws continue a second time around, the player who cast the spell is exempt. (Note: breaking the spell by playing 13-13 merely casts a new spell!) Whenever you leave a 3, the direction of play reverses immediately. If you were going clockwise, play now proceeds counterclockwise, and vice-versa (this is inapplicable when only two play). Whenever you leave a double, the next player loses a turn. This does not apply to the starter double or the 13-13. House rules (home variations): Some games replace the last rule and instead play that if you leave a blank—rather than a double—the next player loses a turn. (This applies even when 0-0 is the starter double.) By agreement, players may adopt other variations. Note: if the Starter Double you play is 15-15, all other players immediately draw one tile; 14-14, play again if you can; 13-13, you cast a spell, each arm must be started before the spell is broken (the player who cast the spell in this case is not exempt from the requirement to play); 3-3, play commences to the right instead of the left.

Winning: The first player out of tiles is the winner. In case no one is able to play, and all the pieces have been drawn, the winner is the one with the fewest dominoes left. (In case one or more tie for the fewest dominoes left, the lowest point-total amongst these players is the winner.)

Scoring: Simple method: Each domino counts one point. Advanced method: Winner wins the point total held by each player. (The winner of a blocked game wins from each player only the difference in totals between them.)

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