Number of Players: 1
Type of Dominoes Used: Double 6
Type of Game: One Player Game

Object of the game: To play all dominoes in the deck by matching them, one at a time, to one of the eight exposed ends in the tableau.

Play: Draw 4 tiles from the deck and place them faceup in a horizontal row in front of you.
Next, draw another tile from the deck. Make a play by matching one end of that tile to one of the eight exposed ends in your tableau. Continue in this manner by drawing tiles, one at a time, from the deck and then matching one end of the tiles to an open end in your tableau.
If at any time there is no match and a play cannot be made, the game is over and you have lost. If you succeed in playing all 28 dominoes, by matching them with another tile in your tableau, you have won the game.

Variations: For a more challenging game, start the game by drawing 3 tiles instead of 4. For a less difficult game, draw 5 - or even 6 - tiles at the start of the game.


Reprinted with permission of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., NY, NY from GREAT BOOK OF DOMINO GAMES by Jennifer Kelley, ©1999 by Jennifer Kelley. (The Sterling book is available as PUREMCO'S GREAT BOOK OF DOMINO GAMES)

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