Number of Players: 1
Type of Dominoes Used: Any Domino
Type of Game: One Player Game
Domino set: Double-12, double-9, or double-6.

Object of the game: To have no dominoes left at the end of the game. To have one or two dominoes left at the end of the game is considered a very near win.

Play: Keeping the tiles facedown, draw 7 tiles from the deck and place them in a horizontal row in front of you.
You may remove any pair of tiles that have matching ends (at least one end of one tile has to have the same number of pips as at least one end of the other tile) and which are separated by one or two tiles in the tableau. In addition, you may remove any 3 or more tiles in a row that have matching ends. If there is more than one possible play, you may choose which move to make.
After removing tiles from your tableau in this way, just squeeze the remaining tiles in the row closer together. Then remove more tiles from your tableau, if possible, until all possible plays have been made. Once it is not possible to remove any more tiles, draw 7 new tiles from the deck and add them to the end (right side) of the row.
Continue this process of matching, removing, then, adding more tiles to your row until you have won the game by removing all tiles from your tableau or until the game is lost because you are unable to remove the remaining tiles in your tableau.

Note: It takes both planning and luck to finish with no tiles left. For your final play, you'll need to have 3 or more tiles in a row with matching ends.


©1996 by David Galt

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