Number of Players: 2 to 8
Type of Dominoes Used: Special
Type of Game: Special Domino Set

Domino set: The game is played with a special set of dominoes that includes a full set of double-9 dominoes plus 11 extra "spinner" dominoes, for a total of 66 domino tiles.

Object of the game: To be the player with the lowest score.

Number of dominoes drawn: If 2 players, draw 14 dominoes each. If 3 to 8 players, draw 7 dominoes each. The remaining domino tiles make up the boneyard.
Spinners are wild.

Set: The first domino played must be the 9-9 or a double-spinner as a substitute for the 9-9. If no player has a 9-9 or double-spinner, the player who shuffled the dominoes draws one domino from the boneyard. Play continues to the left, each player drawing one domino from the boneyard until a 9-9 or double-spinner is drawn and then set.
Once the 9-9 or double-spinner is drawn, it is placed in the center of the table. The second and third play must be a 9 or a wild spinner. Players must draw one domino from the reserve pile each time they do not have a domino to play from their hand.
After each double is played, the next 3 plays must be placed on that double. The tiles played on the double must have either a matching end to the double in the layout or a spinner. Each player who does not have a tile with a matching end or a spinner must draw 1 domino from the reserve pile. Unless a domino is drawn that will play, the player passes.
Upon completion of 3 dominoes Played on the double, the following player is free to play on any end of the layout--either matching the end domino or playing a spinner. Play your large domino if possible; this will stop the next player from discarding a large double.
Continue play until one player wins the hand by playing all the dominoes in his or her hand. The pips plus Spinners are counted on all un-played dominoes left in each player's hand at the end of each hand. Each dot or pip is counted for its value and each Spinner symbol is counted as 10. The Double Spinner counts 20. For example, a domino with 7 pips on one end and a Spinner on the other counts 17 points. Each player gives his total number to the scorekeeper.
Continue the game by starting the next hand with the 8-8 tile or the double-Spinner; the following hand with the 7-7 or the double-spinner; and so on, the last hand beginning with the 0-0 as set domino.
The winner of the previous hand always shuffles for the next hand and is the first player to draw from the boneyard if no player holds the correct double to set or a double-spinner.
At the end of each game, add each player's total score. The player with the lowest score is the winner.
Players may agree, prior to the start of any game, to play a shorter game. To shorten the game, in the first round the player holding the 9-9 sets. If no one holds the 9-9, the player holding the 8-8 sets. If no one holds the 8-8, the player holding the 7-7 sets, and so on.


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