Old Maid

Number of Players: 3 or more
Type of Dominoes Used: CARDominoes


Requirements: One of the queens is removed from the set of CARDominoes. This will leave an odd queen - the "OLD MAID"

Deal: One player deals the entire set of CARDominoes, equally, facedown, one at a time, to all players. It does not matter if some players have one CARDomino more than the others.

Objective: Each player aims to get rid of all his CARDominoes by discarding pairs of equal value. The player who is left with the "old maid" Queen CARDomino when play ends is the loser. There are no winners in this game.

Play: Each player sets his CARDominoes on their ends or sides facing himself so that no others can see them. If he has any pairs - two matching face CARDominoes or two number CARDominoes with the same value, e.g. two 9s or two kings - he lays them face down on the table beside him. A player with three CARDominoes of the same value may only put down two of them and must keep the third, but a player with four CARDominoes of the same value may put down all four as two pairs. The player to the dealer's left begins play by selecting one CARDomino from the hand of the player to his left. He looks to see whether the new CARDomino he chose pairs-up with any CARDominoes already in his hand. If it does, he lays the pair face down on the table. If not, he adds the new CARDomino to the other CARDominoes in his hand. Play continues in this way going clockwise around the table with each player pulling one CARDomino from the player to his left until all CARDominoes but the "old maid" have been paired-up and laid down. The player holding the "old maid" is the loser and all the other players call him "OLD MAID" before a new game is started.

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