Mexican Flip

Number of Players: 2 - 10
Type of Dominoes Used: CARDominoes

Requirements: One set of CARDominoes without Jokers.


Winning Hand Combinations and Betting: See Basic Draw Poker rules.


Basic Instructions: The CARDominoes are shuffled and placed face down in the middle of the playing area Each player places their initial stake or "ante" into the pot (center of the table), which is an amount previously agreed upon. Each player chooses two CARDominoes from the pool without looking at them and both CARDominoes are left face down. On signal, all players flip one of their two facedown CARDominoes to face up. The remaining face down CARDomino can now be checked. A round of betting occurs. See betting procedures in the Basic Draw Poker rules. After all players have called or folded, the players remaining in the game then choose another tile from the stockpile and they may choose whether to have that CARDomino facedown or face up. Each may choose to turn up the other CARDomino that is in the face down position and then leave his newly drawn CARDomino as his face down CARDomino. In other words a player can choose which CARDomino is to be left face down and which ones are to be face up and showing. There must always only be one CARDomino remaining face down, the rest appearing face up. A round of betting occurs again. Then the drawing steps are repeated and all players remaining pick another CARDomino from the stockpile, and choose to have it face up or facedown. These steps are repeated until all players remaining have completed their hand, consisting of five CARDominoes, four CARDominoes face up and one CARDomino facedown. A final round of betting proceeds. Showdown occurs as all remaining players flip and reveal their single facedown CARDomino. The player with the highest winning combination collects the entire pot.

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