Linger Longer


Number of Players: 3 or more
Type of Dominoes Used: CARDominoes
Players: Three or more, four to six is best

Requirements: One set of CARDominoes without Jokers.

Objective: Each player tries to be the last person with CARDominoes in his hand. Players obtain new CARDominoes by winning tricks. Linger Longer is an ideal introduction to the principles of trump play that form the basis of many more complicated CARDominoes games.

A Trick: Comprised of one CARDomino from each player played into the center. Unless a trump has been played a trick is won by the highest CARDomino belonging to the suit that was led - i.e. to the same suit as the first CARDomino played in that trick. Aces are the highest CARDomino, followed by the kings, queens, jacks, and so on down from the 10s to the 2s.

A Trump: A CARDomino belonging to the trump suit. The trump suit is determined before each game is played. A trump CARDomino beats any CARDomino belonging in the suit led. When two or more trumps are played, the highest one is the winner.

Deal: One player deals out all of the CARDominoes in a clockwise direction, face down, one at a time, until each player has the same number of CARDominoes as there are players. For example, if there are four players, each one of them receives four CARDominoes. The remaining CARDominoes are placed in the center in a facedown pile called the stockpile. The last CARDomino dealt to the dealer is shown to all the players. The suit of this CARDomino is the trump suit for the game. Each player sets their CARDominoes on their edges or sides so that only he can see his hand.

Play: The player to the left of the dealer plays any CARDomino he likes face up in the center. Each player in turn then plays one CARDomino into the center. If possible, players must play a CARDomino of the same suit as the first CARDomino - this is called "following suit". If a player is unable to follow suit, he may play a trump CARDomino or any other CARDomino. A trick is won by the player who played the highest trump CARDomino or, if no trump was played, by the player who played the highest CARDomino of the suit led. Ace ranks high for this game. A player who wins a trick places these CARDominoes face down in front of him. He then draws a CARDomino from the stock and adds it to the CARDominoes in his hand (no other player draws). This player plays the first CARDomino of the next trick. Players continue playing tricks in this way as long as they have CARDominoes in their hand - ignoring the CARDominoes in any tricks that they have won. A player with no CARDominoes in their hand must leave the game.

The Winner: The last player left in the game wins!

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