Five-Up Solitaire

Number of Players: 1
Type of Dominoes Used: Double 6
Type of Game: One Player Game
Draw 5 tiles from the deck. Set any tile, and then play as many tiles from your hand as possible. Continue to play using the same rules you would use with 2 or more players.
When playing this game, you may wish to play against the deck, keeping separate scores: one for you and one for the deck.

Try these ideas: At the beginning of each hand, give the deck 5 points if you're a beginner and 10 points if you're more experienced. This will offset the scores you will make during play. The deck receives 3 points if you overdraw. If the game ends in block, the deck receives the points left in your hand. If your total score is 61 points or more and you are ahead at the end of that hand, you have won the game. If the deck has a total score of 61 points or more and is ahead at the end of that hand, the deck wins the game.

Reprinted with permission of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., NY, NY from GREAT BOOK OF DOMINO GAMES by Jennifer Kelley, ©1999 by Jennifer Kelley. (The Sterling book is available as PUREMCO'S GREAT BOOK OF DOMINO GAMES)

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