Number of Players: 2 or more
Type of Dominoes Used: CARDominoes
Requirements: One set of CARDominoes with 2 Jokers.

Deal: One player shuffles the CARDominoes and lays them face down on the table in 6 rows of 9 CARDominoes each with about an inch clearance around all sides of each CARDomino.

Objective: Each player tries to collect as many CARDominoes as possible by turning up matching pairs with the same rank and taking them into his possession for his score at the end of the game.

First Player: The player to the left of the dealer/shuffler starts the game. He turns over two CARDominoes at random and allows the other players to see them. If the rank of the two CARDominoes is the same and they match, for example two aces or two kings, he takes them out, puts them in his pile facedown, and then he may turn over two more CARDominoes. He continues in this way until he turns over two CARDominoes that do not match. If the CARDominoes that are turned over do not match, the player must put them back facedown in their original positions. His turn then ends.

Second Player: The person to the first player's left now turns over any two CARDominoes. If the first CARDomino matches one that has already been turned over, he must try to remember where that other matching CARDomino is. If he is successful he takes the pair. He continues his turn until he fails to turn over a matching pair.

Successive Players: Play continues with the players taking their turns in a clockwise direction, until all the CARDominoes have been collected.

The Winner: The player with the most CARDominoes at the end of the game is declared the winner!

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