Number of Players: 1
Type of Dominoes Used: CARDominoes
Type of Game: One Player Game
Requirements: One set of CARDominoes with Jokers removed.

Layout: The CARDominoes are shuffled and placed facedown into 13 piles of four CARDominoes each. The piles are arranged in a circle to represent a clock dial, one pile corresponding to each hour. The thirteenth pile is placed in the center.

Objective: By rearranging the CARDominoes, the player hopes to end up with thirteen piles of like-numbers in their correct "time" position: the four aces at one o'clock, the four 2s at two o'clock and so on around the dial. The jacks represent 11 o'clock and the queens 12 o'clock. The four kings make up the thirteenth, center pile. Although the chances of winning this game are slight, you came come very close and it is fun to play and very fast-moving. The name clock comes from the layout, which takes the form of a clock dial.

Play: The player selects one CARDomino from the center pile and places it face-up at the corresponding clock position that matches its number or designation. If the CARDomino is a 7, it is put face-up next to the 7 o'clock pile of CARDominoes. The player then takes one of the facedown CARDominoes from the seven o'clock pile and puts it at its corresponding position on the clock. The CARDominoes that are played and that match the clock's position will be stacked face-up on top of each other. In other words when there is a 4 CARDomino already showing at the 4 o'clock position the next 4 is just laid on top of the already showing 4, until there are 4 fours on top of each other. This procedure is repeated over and over and the player works his way from pile to pile, always removing one of the facedown CARDominoes from a pile where he has just placed a face-up CARDomino that matches the clock position number. If the player turns up a CARDomino that happens to be in its correct pile {e.g. a 3 is turned up from the 3 o'clock pile}, it is still placed on top of the other face-up CARDominoes of that same number of the pile in the usual way, and another facedown CARDomino card is taken from the pile to play elsewhere. The outcome depends on the order in which the kings are turned up. If the fourth king is turned up before all the other cards are face up, the game is blocked. This means in effect that the game can only be won if the last card to be turned up is the fourth king. As the chance of this happening is very small, the king may be exchanged for any one-facedown card in the layout. Only one exchange is allowed and if the fourth king is again turned up before the other cards are in the correct piles, then the game is lost.

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