Type of Dominoes Used: Oriental
Type of Game: Oriental Dominoes
(Tau ngau)

Additional equipment: 1 pair of dice to be thrown at the start of the round to determine the "banker."

Object of the game: To beat the bull.

Number of players: 3 to 6 players. Any number of onlookers may place stakes alongside those of a player of their choice.

Dice are thrown to determine the banker.
The dominoes are shuffled, facedown. Keeping the tiles facedown, each player, including the banker, draws five dominoes. Before looking at their tiles, the players place their stakes in front of them to any limit which may be imposed by the banker. When the stakes have been placed, the players look at their tiles. The value of each tile depends upon its number of pips, except that the 2-1 and 4-2 tiles each may count as 3 points or 6 points.
Every player must discard 3 tiles from his hand which, when added together, total 10, 20, or 30 points. Examples:
3-1 + 2-2 + 1-1 = 10

6-6 + 3-3 + 1-1 = 20
(a multiple of 10)

2-1 + 6-5 + 3-3 = 20
(the 2-1 counting as 3 points)

2-1 + 4-4 + 3-3 = 20
(the 2-1 counting as 6 points)

After discarding 3 tiles, the 2 remaining tiles in each player's hand are exposed. Each player counts the pips on the two exposed tiles and receives a score of 1 point per each pip. In the case when their score is 10 points or more, the first digit of that number is removed. For example, 12 pips would count as 2.
If a player's score is less than the banker's, he loses his stake to the banker; if his score is more than the banker's, the banker pays him the equivalent of his stake. If a player and the banker have equal scores, there is no exchange between them.
If a player cannot discard 3 tiles to form 10 points, or a multiple of 10, he is "stuck," in which case the banker takes his stake. if the banker is "stuck," he pays the equivalent stake to all the players who are able to discard 3 tiles - and not to any players who are "stuck."
When a banker scores points, the player on his right becomes the new banker for the next round. if the banker is "stuck," he remains banker for another round.
After each round, all 32 tiles are shuffled together and then each player draws 5 tiles and the game continues as before.

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