Number of Players: 1
Type of Dominoes Used: CARDominoes
Type of Game: One Player Game
Requirements: One set of CARDominoes with Jokers removed.

Objective: The aces and kings are the foundation CARDominoes, and the aim is to complete entire suits, by laying CARDominoes, face-up, above and below the Ace and King and building up a row in suit-sequence onto the aces and building down in suit-sequence onto the kings. This will ultimately make 4 vertical rows of CARDominoes in suit-sequence with the Ace and King as the "starter" CARDominoes near the center of each row. When a suit-sequence row of 13 CARDominoes is complete, that particular row is finished and play continues until all four rows are complete in suit-sequence order or until the game is stalled out and play cannot continue.

Layout: Lay down the four aces vertically, face-up and side-by-side as the beginning of a top horizontal row of CARDominoes. Deal nine other CARDominoes, face-up, beside and to the right of the aces to complete a row of 13 CARDominoes; then deal the rest of the deck to make three rows of 13 directly below the first row of Aces and its 9 others. All CARDominoes will be face-up. You will now have 4 horizontal rows of 13 CARDominoes each. In the course of play, and as they become available, the kings are pulled out and played above their corresponding aces to make vertical rows above the aces. (King of hearts above the Ace of hearts, etc.)

Play: Only the bottom CARDomino of each of the 13 columns on the table is available for play, either onto a foundation or onto the bottom CARDomino of another column. Building onto the bottom CARDomino of the columns is in ascending or descending suit sequence as the player wishes, and he may at any time reverse the order to play onto another column to continue play. Spaces created in the table are not filled. It is evidently important to free the kings as soon as possible, and play them above their Ace of the same suit and to use every opportunity of building onto them as foundations.

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