Rules to Moon


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Number of Players: 3
Type of Dominoes Used: Double 6
Type of Game: Trump & Trick Game

What’s unique: 3 players and plays like Forty-Two but without count dominoes or partners. In this game, bidding starts at 4 tricks and goes as high as 7, called “shooting the moon.” There are only 3 players, and each bids or passes once. They can bid 7 or 21: 21 being the game. Failing costs the bidder the points/tricks he or she bid. The opponents get points for the tricks they captured. Tricks are 1 point. All tiles with blanks, excepting only the double-blank, are removed from a double-6 set, leaving 22 tiles. Players each draw 7 tiles. The extra is the “widow” for the bidder’s hand. If the tile is used, the bidder discards another tile. Pips are used as suits, with the double being highest.

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Reprinted with permission of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., NY, NY from GREAT BOOK OF DOMINO GAMES by Jennifer Kelley, ©1999 by Jennifer Kelley. (The Sterling book is available as PUREMCO'S GREAT BOOK OF DOMINO GAMES)

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